Anti Bacterial Sanitising Wipes (70% Alcohol) Tub of 700

£7.00 excl VAT

Antibacterial sanitising wipes ideal for cleaning hands and surfaces in a large re-sealable tub with 700 wipes,.


This tub of 700 Anti-bacterial 70% alcohol sanitising wipes are perfect for disinfecting surfaces and hands.

Quick and Easy disinfection an all-in-one anti-bacterial wipe that is Ideal for cleaning hands and surfaces and that can be used in many industries such as;

These antibacterial wipes are idea for Beauty Salons, Hair Salons, Offices, clinics , canteens , schools and construction sites.

As a Hand and Hard surface wipe they can be used on;

Countertops, Tools and Equipment, Vehicles, Handrails, door handles , devices etc

Also intended for professional hand disinfection .


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