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Anti Bacterial Sanitising Wipes (70% Alcohol) Tub of 700

£7.00 excl VAT

Antibacterial sanitising wipes ideal for cleaning hands and surfaces in a large re-sealable tub with 700 wipes,.

Bactericidal Hand Wash – 5L

£5.40 excl VAT

Mild bactericidal hand wash, free from solvents and harsh chemicals, suitable for a wide range of industries including the food industry, containing a powerful sanitiser effective against a wide range of bacteria.

Household Latex Cleaning Gloves

£0.80 excl VAT

These versatile household gloves can be used for both industrial and household cleaning tasks, the ideal washing up glove.

Pink Pearl Hand & Body Soap – 5L

£5.60 excl VAT

A mild universal hand wash cleaner which is extremely effective as a toilet soap whilst mild enough for general use, with a rich cleansing lather and a fresh bouquet fragrance.

Thick Bleach 5L

£3.90 excl VAT

A powerful domestic thick bleach in a 5L container,

Black Refuse Sacks

£17.30 excl VAT

CATCH IT – BIN IT – KILL IT — Medium duty refuse sacks, suitable for disposal of various wastes.