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Bactericidal Hand Wash – 5L

£5.40 excl VAT

Mild bactericidal hand wash, free from solvents and harsh chemicals, suitable for a wide range of industries including the food industry, containing a powerful sanitiser effective against a wide range of bacteria.

SS-03-1 5 Litre Sanitiser Stand5 Litre Cradle Sanitiser Stand Refill Action shotOut Of Stock

Hand Sanitiser Stand for 5L Bottle

£135.00 excl VAT

A UK manufactured 5 Litre Bottle hand sanitiser stand which is sturdy and functional, the easy use bottle cradle means that replacing the hand sanitiser is quick, easy and reduces the possibility of spillage and waste.


Keep Safe Elipse P3 Half Mask Respirator

£19.90 excl VAT

This FFP3 half face mask  with  twin P3 filters is perfect for everyday use and can be used for DIY and commercial construction through to the more demanding environments of metalworking, welding and stone masonry.

Morf® Original Snood

£2.50 excl VAT

A multi-functional and unisex Snood Covering that can be used for a general wear and is
perfect to act as a face covering when correctly worn,

Pink Pearl Hand & Body Soap – 5L

£5.60 excl VAT

A mild universal hand wash cleaner which is extremely effective as a toilet soap whilst mild enough for general use, with a rich cleansing lather and a fresh bouquet fragrance.