70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml

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Pump dispenser, quick-acting and effective alcohol skin disinfectant and santiser


This 500ml bottle with a pump dispenser is a quick-acting and effective alcohol skin disinfectant and santiser, perfect for sanitising hands.

70% Alcohol Gel, kills bacteria and viruses, rapidly evaporates without leaving residue or odour.
Unperfumed therefore suitable for food preparation, production and serving.

No water to wash your hands? No problem. hand sanitser gel is a quick and convenient way to keep hands clean and sanitised when out and about.

Ideal for use in all industries including construction sites, offices, public, and domestic areas,
Also ideal for use in non-surgical patient care establishments.

Available in 5Litre, 500ml, and handy 200ml and 100ml travel size gels, smaller bottles are perfect for on the go and ideal for desks and public areas.

Why not use the 5Litre Antibacterial sanitising gel bottle to top up your smaller bottles.

This AntiBacterial hand gel is available on a next day delivery service when orders placed by 3pm.


Apply a small amount to palm and spread over hands and lower forearms, paying attention to cuticles and creases in the skin, rub thoroughly until the skin is dry. Drying Hands not necessary.


Brand: Unbranded


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