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70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 5 Litre

£19.00 excl VAT

Quick-acting and effective alcohol skin disinfectant and santiser.

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Selden Shades System 3000 Lavender Refill – 280ml

£0.95 excl VAT

280ml Selden Shades Lavender air freshener with long-lasting, instant freshness and fragrance, created for use in the Selden System 3000 automatic dispenser, can be used as a hand spray air freshener.

Bactericidal Hand Wash – 5L

£5.40 excl VAT

Mild bactericidal hand wash, free from solvents and harsh chemicals, suitable for a wide range of industries including the food industry, containing a powerful sanitiser effective against a wide range of bacteria.

Pink Pearl Hand & Body Soap – 5L

£5.60 excl VAT

A mild universal hand wash cleaner which is extremely effective as a toilet soap whilst mild enough for general use, with a rich cleansing lather and a fresh bouquet fragrance.

Automatic Touch Free DispenserAutomatic Touch Free DispenserOut of stock

Automatic Touch Free Sanitiser Dispenser

£26.00 excl VAT

A wall mountable 1 Litre hands free sanitiser dispenser which  is easy to install and use and comes with a secure lockable cover with window design with spray nozzle for alcohol gel.

Comes complete with batteries